L S Lowry Trail

         Dear Mr Bennett
                  So you have gone to Maryport! I’m very glad……
                  you have gone to a wonderful place’!
        L S Lowry

The words of L S Lowry in writing to his friend Geoffrey Bennett on hearing of his appointment to Manager of the Westminster Bank in Maryport.

In 2021, local Primary Schools undertook a project on the artist L S Lowry, funded by Maryport Town Council, in which the school children learned of Lowry’s upbringing & development as an artist, reviewing his pictures of Maryport & identifying their sites. They then learned to draw in the style of Lowry & produced their own versions of Lowry’s Maryport pictures.

The children’s pictures have been used to produce a ‘Reflecting L S Lowry’ display of information boards at sites of importance to Lowry in the town: Christ Church; the Harbour; Market Steps; Shipping Brow; & the former Westminster Bank. The children have beautifully captured Lowry’s style in the artwork accompanying this trail.

The Trail will be officially unveiled at 10.45am on 12 October by Mayor Peter Kendall at the bottom of Shipping Brow.
Credit for their contributions to the project is due to Dolly Daniel, Lynn Middleton, John McNamee, (who directed the school children’s work), Alan Roper, who designed the trail information boards, & of course the children of Maryport Schools whose Lowry inspired pictures are magnificent!