Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

2022 is HRH the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year. National events will take place, including public events at the Queen’s estates, a Platinum Pudding competition & the Queen’s Green Canopy, culminating in a four-day UK Bank Holiday Weekend from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June. The bank holiday will provide an opportunity for communities and people throughout the United Kingdom to come together to celebrate the historic milestone. The Town Council is contributing to the occasion in a number of ways:

Memorial trees & Commemorative Benches at Flimby Green &

Maryport Memorial Gardens

Memorial Trees for Flimby & Maryport Schools

Willow feature at Ellenborough Green

Personalised Memorial Signage on Benches

Commemorative Spoons & Mugs for each Flimby & Maryport Schools’ Pupil

The Council is providing financial support for Flimby & Maryport Schools to organise commemorative Street Parties, Singing & Art Works. It is also organising, in conjunction with the Schools’ Council, a Family Fun Day to be held during the School Summer Holidays