Community Policing


Crime rose dramatically this month and there were two burglaries one dwelling and one non dwelling. With no robberies or vehicle crimes the main rise for the month has come from violent crimes. Of the seven violent offences arrests have been made in all the cases.

One offender has been charged with assault and battery, two others have been charged with assault ABH and one has been charged with threatening and abusive behaviour. One further offender has been charged with harassment which is classified as a violent crime. Of the other offences recorded most were minor criminal damage or drugs offences. One male received a formal caution for possessing cannabis whilst another was charged with possessing a class A drug.


Crime fell by nearly two thirds this month bringing the monthly average below the record low levels of last year. There was one burglary which was to an insecure dwelling. There were no robberies and only two vehicle crimes both of which involved the theft of diesel from unattended vehicles. Three violent crimes were reported, one of which was an owner whose dog was out of control in public - the owner has been interviewed and reported for summons.

The other two crimes were both common assaults where no injury was suffered. An offender has been interviewed in relation to both offences. Only four other offences were recorded during the month and as a result one male was arrested and received a warning for possession of cannabis whilst a couple were arrested and interviewed in relation to a minor arson at an address. Anti social behaviour also fell during the month.

Dearham & Ellen

Crime fell for the second month running to only six offences for the whole area. There was one burglary - of a shed and nothing was stolen. Two violent crimes were reported, both being assault ABH and in both cases offenders were arrested and charged.

Of the other offences recorded, one was a theft, there was one criminal damage and an affray (which in laymans terms is being violent and threatening) and resulted in an offender being arrested and charged to court.  Anti social behaviour fell to its lowest level this year so far with only four calls being recorded.


Crime has remained static this month with only ten offences being recorded for the area. There were two burglaries neither of which were to dwellings. There were no robberies or vehicle crimes and only three violent offences.

Two of them were common assaults and arrests have been made in both cases, the third was an assault ABH for which a male offender is currently being actively sought by officers. Five other offences were reported, and of the five three have led to the arrest and charging of offenders - one case of abstracting electricity, one of dangerous driving and one for possessing cannabis.

Police Members

Claire Scougal

Inspector 1055
NPT Inspector Maryport

Peter Garforth

Sergeant 1404
NPT Sergeant Maryport

Mark Nicholson

PC 901
NPT PC Ellen, Ewanrigg and Ellenborough

Sam Watson

PCSO 5217
NPT PCSO Seaton and Flimby

Peter Crome

PCSO 5214
NPT PCSO Ellen, Ewanrigg and Ellenborough

Julie Robinson

PC 1663
NPT Officer Flimby

James Graham

PCSO 5268
NPT PCSO Ellen, Ewanrigg and Ellenborough