Heritage Signage

The Town Council has sought to give recognition to its heritage in recent years, with the provision of plaques & signage providing information on the area’s history & culture. Signs promoting Maryport’s Roman background, maritime & industrial history have been installed on Shipping Brow; memorial plaques have been fitted to the former residences of Ned Smith, Victoria Cross recipient & climber & artist Bill Peascod & Britain’s first black policeman John Kent; signs remembering the bombing of Maryport in World War 2 & those impacted by the tragic explosion at the former Broughton Moor armaments depot at Broughton Moor have been placed at the Memorial Gardens & South Quay, (together with a plaque & memorial stone for Ned Smith VC); & signage promoting the area’s links with the artists LS Lowry & Percy Kelly, with associated walking trails linked to their depictions of different sites in Maryport, have been fitted. As well as signage, the Town Council has arranged for the installation of other memorials, including street furniture in Flimby reflecting its mining background, World War1 & 2 commemorative seating, ‘Silent Soldier’ figures commemorating those who have fought in the two world wars, & seating & signage reflecting the impact of the covid pandemic & the late Queen’s platinum jubilee. At Netherhall Corner, sculptures of a ship & a lighthouse, decorated with flowers, identify with the area’s seafaring past, as does the Alauna Aurora sculpture on the south quay, with its sailing & fishing, & Titanic silhouettes, as well as alluding to Roman connections, the Maryport & Carlisle Railway with its connection to George Stephenson, mining & historic buildings at Fleming Square & Christ Church.

The many visitors the town has had in the last two years or so have frequently been seen taking note of the heritage signage, which no doubt makes their stay in the area all the more enjoyable, as well as providing residents with a little bit of local history which they perhaps weren’t aware of. The Town Council is planning on adding to its street furniture in 2023/24 with the development of signage reflecting on the importance of the promenade to Maryport, covering its development together with some of the walks available to the public in its vicinity. It further proposes to develop more signage in support of the area’s Roman heritage, linking with information provided by the Roman Museum. In addition, the Town Council is supporting a project being undertaken by local school on the artist William Mitchell’s work in the area.