CCTV Coverage

The Town Council has arranged the installation of three new CCTV cameras which are now operational in Maryport.

The CCTV scheme was initiated by Cumbria Police in September 2019 & was part of a county wide scheme intended to provide CCTV coverage to towns in Cumbria which merited it. Since Maryport had only one CCTV camera operational at the time, owned by Cumbria Police, following the collapse of the Allerdale/Cumbria Police partnership scheme under which CCTV in Maryport operated in the 1990’s & early 2000’s, (for which unused cabling still extends around the town centre), the Town Council expressed interest & bid for three cameras. Initially, only one camera was supported, but following withdrawal by other Cumbrian authorities, the Town Council was offered two more cameras which it accepted. It has expressed an interest in additional cameras in the future if the Police monitoring scheme is expanded, but at the moment, it has reached its limit.

The new cameras are sited at Shipping Brow, Curzon Street/Senhouse Street junction & Netherhall Corner; Cumbria County Council kindly gave permission for the power linkages to light columns. The existing operational Police camera is at the junction of Senhouse Street with Crosby Street, & with the additional cameras, there is now coverage of all of Senhouse Street, together with Curzen Street.