Family Fun Day

Free Family Fun Day August 2016

In association with the Maryport Joint Schools’ Partnership, the Town Council held a Family Fun Day on Wednesday 10 August.

Despite the weather proving disappointing, around 1,000 people attended the event, which was devised by the school children of Maryport who represent their schools on the Joint Schools’ Council.

The entertainment featured:

  • Martini’s magic shows
  • Balloon modelling
  • Fairground rides
  • Bouncy castle and slides
  • Face-painting
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Music
  • Hot dogs
  • Ice cream
  • Slush puppies
  • Candy floss
  • Go Pokemon treasure hunt

Maryport Schools’ children were issued with tickets on an end of term flyer which provided a free candy floss, ice cream or slush puppy; a free hot dog; a free roundabout ride; a free tea cups ride; and a free go on the bouncy castle or slide. Children could win extra tickets by successfully completing the Go Pokemon treasure hunt. Everyone had a great time!